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Clem Chambers is founder and former CEO of leading stocks and shares information site, ADVFN, and General Partner of Ylem Capital clem@ylem.capital. He is author of the Amazon number 1 best sellers 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners, Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing and Trading Cryptocurrencies: A Beginners Guide.

Clem’s intricate knowledge of the workings of the financial markets is highly sought after and he is a regular commentator and analyst on Fox News, the BBC, CNN, CNBC and Al Jazeera.

He has written investment columns for internet bible Wired MagazineYour Trading Edge, Index Trader, Gulf News,  Trader’s and currently writes for Mac Format  and Forbes. Seeking Alpha and writes the Money & Markets column for Engineering and Technology magazine.

Clem allows his wild side to come out when making My Hyde’s tips. He will also be joined by guest bloggers from time to time.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Tip Sheet


Safe blue-chip stock or hot mining company – which would you rather add to your portfolio? Two share tippers make the case for opposing investment styles.

Dr Jekyll is an investor. He likes dividends and huge blue chip companies.

Mr Hyde is a trader. He wants to speculate.

Jekyll wants to put his money to work and make a reasonable return. In a good year he is aiming for 10%. He might make 25% or 5%. He plans to become wealthy over decades.

Hyde wants to buy a share that will double or triple. Sometimes he gets it right and makes a packet, sometimes he takes a beating. Jumping on the latest hot stock before the retail herd arrives, is where it is at. The ride can be wild but get it right and the prize is huge.

Who is right? Neither or perhaps both.

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In this newsletter two well-known market players go head to head in what will be one hell of an investment/trading battle. You’ll get two tips a month from each of them. Get both sides of the action at once with investment ideas from ADVFN’s own Clem Chambers as Dr Jekyll and as Mr Hyde.

Watch the two tipsters go head-to-head in this video:

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