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Founded in 2016, Reid green & Co is value investing research firm which publishes and distributes research on undervalued companies which are listed in the UK and US.

In line with traditional value investing Reid Green & Co seeks to identify stocks trading 50% to 90% discounts to their underlying value. We target undervalued stocks which have the potential to be mutli-baggers over a 1 to 5 year period.

Reid Green & Co in partnership with ADVFN has created an offering which allows the retail investor to access institutional level research at a pale fraction of what the research would cost in other mediums.

All investment research is produced by Joash Reid, who also serves as Reid Green & Co’s Director and manages its investment portfolio. Joash has a background as a Head Analyst at a city-based stockbrokerage, where he built a research desk which specialised in event-driven trading, special situations and value investing.

As an investment analyst he has forged a track record which doesn’t include many large home runs (yet), but one of producing moderate but consistent gains with only small and infrequent losses. His key emphasis is on risk control through depressed valuations, presence of a catalyst and business quality.

Since Inception Reid Green & Co’s ideas have:

  • Generated an average return on 120%
  • An average holding period of 8 months

Are you Tired of Missing out on Stocks which go on to Double or Triple?

In the stock market most stocks seem fairly-priced and some are undoubtedly overvalued. However, there are always stocks which are deeply undervalued.

In fact, there are always a handful of companies trading at 50% discounts (or more!) to their intrinsic value – allowing investors to earn 100% returns or more, once the stocks appreciate to fair value.

The question is though, how often to do these stocks show up in your portfolio?

Reid green & Co specialises in uncovering stocks trading at 50% to 90% discounts and bringing them to the attention of private and individual investors.

We publish fundamental research and analysis on undervalued stocks listed in the UK and US.


Click here to subscribe to the Monthly plan for £77/$102.30 (ex-VAT) per month

with a no-risk 30-day free trial

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*30% discount* – equivalent to only £55 per month


Like you, the founders of Reid Green & Co are private investors. This allows us to understand and empathise with some of the frustrations and concerns you may have as a private investor such as:

  • Worn out from information overload from too many difference sources
  • Tired of missing out on too many profitable stock ideas
  • Rattled because you keep finding out about stocks only after they’ve gone up
  • Sick of making too many costly investing mistakes (and making the same ones repeatedly)
  • Under pressure because you’re too busy to conduct in-depth research (but believe it’s necessary)
  • Embarrassed by not making sufficient returns to justify your stock market efforts
  • Fed-up with not having a reliable system for evaluating stock ideas
  • Confused because you find value investing difficult, but Warren Buffet makes it sound easy


For time-pressured, information overloaded investors whose returns are less than what they know is possible, Reid Green & Co’s Value Investing Research may serve as a much-needed solution.

However, our research isn’t perfect and isn’t all things to all men. We are typically more concentrated than the mainstream would suggest, as we opt for quality over quantity. We generally target larger gains on fewer ideas, which wouldn’t suit somebody who wants to trade frequently.

Additionally, our reports assume a working knowledge of accounting and fundamental analysis. Our reports wouldn’t appeal to an investor whose approach didn’t require an in-depth understanding of a company.


Click here to subscribe to the Monthly plan for £77/$102.30 (ex-VAT) per month

with a no-risk 30-day free trial

Click here to subscribe to the Yearly plan – £660/$878.90  (ex-VAT) per year

*30% discount* – equivalent to only £55 per month


The track record of our approach includes Glencore Plc, which gained 135% in 10 months and Plus 500 Ltd which gained 140% in 8 months.

Click here for the full performance breakdown


Your Single Source of Ready-Made Investment Ideas

Like most investors today you are probably being hit with stock related news and information left, right and centre, while not having the time or attention to make sense of it all. And you may even struggle with what to pay attention to and what to ignore. As an individual investor, you also have to make difficult choices not only about what to stock to buy, but also how long to hold them and when to sell.

Therefore, Reid Green & Co aims to be your single source of pre-packaged undervalued stock ideas, eliminating the need for you to sift through mountains of information yourself.

By subscribing to our investment research, you will get all the rewards of making smart investments, without sacrificing time with friends, family or other interests.


Our subscribers receive Four different types of reports:

  1. Undervalued Equity Report – In-depth research and analysis on stocks trading at 50% to 90%, with the potential to be single or multi-baggers. Click Here To See A Example Report
  2. Update Reports – Progress reports on previous undervalued equities, formatted as developments, price, and course of action. Reports also contains hold or sell recommendations.
  3. Shortlist Investment Candidates – Short but focused assessments on stocks cherry-picked from our watchlist, either because of their quality or statistical cheapness.
  4. Educational Reports – Powerful and practical insights on different facets of value investing, covering individual aspects of our investment approach and criteria.


Get FREE access to All of our reports for the next 30 days

Click here to subscribe to the Monthly plan for £77/$102.30 (ex-VAT) per month

with a no-risk 30-day free trial

Click here to subscribe to the Yearly plan – £660/$878.90  (ex-VAT) per year

*30% discount* – equivalent to only £55 per month


Every individual investor needs a reliable source of high-quality stock ideas, ideally with the least time spent and effort exerted – but most are hesitant to try out a new service even if the track record looks good. WHY? Because virtually everybody is afraid of being misled into making the wrong purchasing decision.

This is true for us. And this is probably true for you.

This is why we make it decidedly easy for you to get full access to our research before you pay a single penny!

If you subscribe monthly, you will only pay for the service after you are have audited us to your satisfaction and you are 100% sure our low volume, high-quality approach is exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t like what you see, simply cancel your subscription before your 30-day free trial has expired. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED.

We assume your risk of being disappointed, precisely so you don’t have to!


Click here to subscribe to the Monthly plan for £77/$102.30 (ex-VAT) per month

with a no-risk 30-day free trial

Click here to subscribe to the Yearly plan – £660/$878.90  (ex-VAT) per year

*30% discount* – equivalent to only £55 per month


Don’t do what most people do at this stage, put it off until tomorrow

Are you an investor who acts when presented with opportunity? Or do you procrastinate like everyone else?

By now you probably recognise and understand that:

  • You have a need for reliable source of investment ideas
  • We have an established track record of uncovering value
  • You want to invest in severely undervalued stocks, to minimise downside risk and maximise upside potential
  • You will get to see all of our published research before paying for it
  • Receiving our pre-packaged stock ideas will save you a staggering amount of time
  • There are higher and better opportunities in the market than what the mainstream suggests


If you understand and agree with the above, why not claim your 30-day free trial immediately.


a month (inc VAT)

Subscribe now and get a no-risk 30-day free trial.

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