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A world-renowned researcher and writer on investing and how the stock market can be beaten, Professor Glen Arnold now concentrates on running his own portfolio from his peaceful office in rural Leicestershire, far from the manic-depressive City.

He spent decades investigating, alongside his PhD students, the secrets of success in the stock market. Finding it more fun and profitable to invest in his own right, Glen resigned from being a tenured Professor of Finance and Investment, to focus on identifying undervalued companies.

What he used to teach exclusively to City analysts looking for an edge, he now shares with his newsletter followers. He is author of No. 1 best-seller The Financial Times Guide to Investing and best-sellers about Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets.

Neglected, unloved and ignored shares are sometimes priced so low relative to their underlying value that they have potential to be multi-baggers. Professor Arnold spends his time finding them, sorting the wheat from the chaff.

You can follow his investment choices and see where he is making money. Along the way you will see the application of ideas of the great investors such as Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett combined with insights from the academic literature on what works in investment, behavioural finance and corporate strategic analysis.

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  • Guidance on the balance of quantitative analysis and the qualitative


Here are some of the recent posts Glen Arnold published on Deep Value Shares:

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