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Stock market and investment insight from market veterans.

Hot Stock Rockets

Hot Tips from the Experts

  • AIM stocks the team predicts will rise 25% within three months
  • Searching out cheap stocks that have a news flow suggesting a rise
  • Updates when there’s news on a stock, or when it’s time to sell
A very short term trading play
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Opportunity 4 Material Gains

  • Our experience of small caps giving you a winning edge
  • At least 15 company recommendations a month with one main pick each week
  • Review and preview of likely market moving events

Tom Winnifrith


  • The market guru builds portfolios and explains why he makes his stock selections
  • Live prices and up to date valuations for five portfolios
  • Weekly ‘short letter’ looking at stocks with a massive downside plus CEO videos
Capitalism works even in Greece: the economy is picking up
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Clem Chambers

The Crypto Trader

  • News, information, tips and opinions on all things to do with cryptocurrency
  • Sign up to learn all about exciting new digital currencies
  • Purchase a subscription with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum or PlusOneCoin

Ted Ohashi

The Cannabis Report

  • Reports on publicly traded cannabis companies
  • Analysing which of the companies in this new sector are worth investing in
  • Helps you make the right trading decisions on the right companies at the right time

Clem Chambers

Building an Income Portfolio

  • Follow Clem as he builds an income portfolio
  • Seeking out shares that pay significant dividends
  • Ideal in this world of tiny interest rates


Maximise investment returns with constructive help and support
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Clem Chambers

The Diary of a Contrarian Investor

  • Market guru Clem Chambers explains his investment decisions, share buys and sells
  • Contarianism means going against the crowd
  • Watch as Clem makes money by being contrary
Buy cheap shares that will go up and make us a nice profit
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Clem Chambers

Jekyll & Hyde Share Tips

  • Two contrasting investing styles
  • Jekyll doesn't want to speculate. Hyde wants to get rich quick.
  • Watch as the two go head to head on one hell of an investment/trading battle