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OMG is written by Andrew Hore and Jon Levinson, both highly regarded small cap specialists.

Andrew has been writing about small companies for 25 years, following the fortunes of many companies, both successful and unsuccessful. He worked at the Investors Chronicle for 12 years, ending up as smaller companies editor. He then went on to write AIM Bulletin and he is currently editor of AIM Journal and AimMicro.com. He is a former AIM journalist of the year and was on the shortlist for journalist of the year at the Small Cap Awards.

Jon Levinson has been an analyst, a journalist, a fund manager and is currently a corporate broker. He will strictly never write on corporate clients. His MBA dissertation was on filling the Smaller Companies Equity Gap. When writing the Penny Share Focus he learned that not all that glisters is gold.

We love small companies

Small companies are special situations: the excitement of following a promising small company as it grows is like discovering a ‘prince’ among beggars, a diamond in a mountain or a black cab when it’s raining.

In 2023 the AIM All Share Index fell around 10%, but the companies we tipped brought gains to our subscribers. That’s because we know how to pick out the companies that are poised to rise.

Here’s some of the top tips from OMG in 2023:

  • LSE:FTC 82%
  • LSE:MIRI 70%
  • LSE:ABDX 172%


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There is an energising tension as a small company has the potential of successfully growing into a large company or collapsing into a shell. Many small companies will not make it; we will, however, identify the key milestones and follow and report the development stages. There is indisputable evidence that smaller companies simply have more room to grow and for share prices to dramatically increase. That’s why we love following them.

Each month we will comment on at least 15 ‘prince’ companies, making just one main recommendation each week. These ‘princes’ will have caught our attention for a variety of reasons: director dealings, results, price moves, RNS, etc. We use our experience and analysis to provide reasoned and logically argued recommendations – but of course we are humble enough to change tack as circumstances dictate.


The Opportunity 4 Material Gains (OMG!) are not from blind luck – that is not us. We hope that the experience of hard knocks, a willingness to continually learn and caution about being fooled again will provide you, our subscriber, with profitable recommendations.

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Our experience of small companies should create a winning edge. Check our CVs, we aim to provide clear growth and risk factors on recommendations. The investment decision is yours.

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