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Clem Chambers is founder and former CEO of leading stocks and shares information site, ADVFN, and General Partner of Ylem Capital clem@ylem.capital. He is author of the Amazon number 1 best sellers 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners, Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing and Trading Cryptocurrencies: A Beginners Guide.

Clem’s intricate knowledge of the workings of the financial markets is highly sought after and he is a regular commentator and analyst on Fox News, the BBC, CNN, CNBC and Al Jazeera.

He has written investment columns for internet bible Wired Magazine, Your Trading Edge, Index Trader, Gulf News,  Trader’s and currently writes for Mac Format  and Forbes. Seeking Alpha and writes the Money & Markets column for Engineering and Technology magazine.

Going Against the Flow, Like Warren Buffett Does

“Contrarianism, by definition, disagrees with the general consensus. It has served me well over many years of investing,” says Clem Chambers.

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Here are some posts from the archive which Clem published on Diary of a Contrarian Investor:


Clem is a highly respected figure in the City of London and founder and former CEO of the UK’s most successful stocks and shares website, ADVFN.com. Dubbed a “legend” by Robbie Burns, the Naked Trader, Clem is the ultimate contrarian investor, often going against the grain of common thinking and yielding great returns.

Going against the mainstream flow in the investment world requires excellent risk management skills, which Clem displays in abundance. Investing successfully for over 15 years, Clem takes a pragmatic and down to earth approach to diversification and the effective management of his portfolio and this all shines through in his premium newsletter, Diary of a Contrarian Investor.

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