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In 2000 I founded t1ps.com and over 12 years, had a pretty good record. For the last few years at t1ps I worked alongside a brilliant young analyst Steve Moore who I recruited direct from University. In September 2012 I left t1ps. A month later Steve also left. I launched the N50 in November 2012 and two months later Steve agreed to come on board. The entire team that delivered the results from t1ps is now working on the N50. No-one else can claim credit for the successes of t1ps (or take blame for its bad recommendations – and like all sites we had a few) but Steve and myself. For what it is worth the average gain per tip on an offer to bid basis and with dividends reinvested  on the N50 as at February 14 2014 is 20.98% with an average holding period of 8.125 months.

We are joined by Lucien Miers, the Bard of the Boleyn and the UK’s most cerebral short seller who will publish his weekly “short letter”. Lucian’s track record as a short seller over more than 20 years is pretty superb. Just occasionally he goes long and he may mention such positions from time to time. But his speciality is in identifying stocks that are up to 100% overvalued. He is aided by a great network of contacts but it is his skills as a forensic accountant that are his biggest asset. He truly is the “numbers man” in the bear community.

Tom Winnifrith’s N50

Follow the market guru as he builds portfolios and explains why he makes his stock selections.

  • 5 model portfolios carefully assembled with the rationale behind each new entrant explained: Growth, Income, Gold, Recovery and Penny Share (companies valued at less than £20 million).
  • Live prices and up to date valuation for each of the portfolios.
  • Detailed updates on any significant news from a portfolio member.
  • A weekly short letter from Lucien Miers, looking at sectors or stocks where he sees mammoth downside, plus occasional videos of a conversation between Lucien and myself.
  • A weekly editorial on wider market themes.
  • CEO videos, where N50 members can tell me what they wish to ask.


The N50 is NOT a tipsheet – we avoid the pressure to deliver a tip by a certain deadline, which forces one to make marginal calls. We’ve learned from our mistakes in the past and are not interested in doing that, so if you want a constant diet of share tips produced simply because a publication promises x share tips a year go somewhere else.

I hope that you enjoy reading this website as much as Steve, Lucian and I enjoy writing it. If you have questions for me, feel free to email me at any stage on tomat49@gmail.com.

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