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We Sold Drax

We have sold Drax. This is why:

The budget and changes to green energy pricing punched a hole in Drax’s share price which has been on a clear downwards trend. That slump was a knee jerk reaction and we caught the bounce.

We’ve bagged just over 10%.

Now the bounce has hit the falling trend it is continuing down. We waited for this confirmation and it’s been costly, but a profit is a profit.

I still like Drax as a share to watch but with the market falling and a correction, as ever on the verge in my mind, we are scampering off like a scared rabbit.

Buy Now - £104.28/year

Here is a bit more of my thinking in pictures:

If and when it forms a flat bottom we will look to reenter. Likewise a big market slump will bring Drax into focus because a market fall will knock it for six.


Buy Now - £104.28/year

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