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Read on to see an article posted on the OMG blog on 18 December 2018:

Year End Review Part 1 - We will do Better

Aim All Share Down 21% OMGI off 2.7%

It has been a tough time as the Aim All Share has collapsed over 21% over the last three months. It gives little pleasure for us to say that our last 13 recommendations, which is also three months has decreased by 2.7%. This includes the fall in Warpaint which we could mitigate to a positive 1% with the increase in price since we suggested averaging down.

The Brexit doubt and slowing economy has challenged the key assumption of organic growth in many companies. This does leave room for pleasant surprises as companies now have a chance of beating pessimistic expectations. There should also be a premium put on companies with management able to implement a buy and build acquisition strategy.

We are reviewing our strategy for 2019 with the objective of reporting ten companies that we think are most likely to double over the next 12 months.

More will be releveled over the coming weeks. So, until the next report can we wish you, our dear subscriber, a very Merry Christmas and hope it has more substance for you than mere Retail Sales figures!

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